Teaching programmes and courses

Advanced Master in Technology for Integrated Water Management

The ‘Master of Technology for Integrated Water Management’ has been conceived as an interuniversity and internationally oriented master in the specialized field of water technology as a contribution to sustainable, integrated water management. This master takes sustainable and integrated water management as a starting point and has an international orientation whereby the North-South issue, innovation and technology transfer are important points of interest. The main objective of this interuniversity study programme between Ghent University and the University of Antwerp, is the education of specialists in water technology with knowledge and understanding of integrated water management and policy, the developments in the water sector and the global water issue.    More information available on the programme website: www.watertechnology.be   

Mastère complémentaire en ressources en eau

Programme interuniversitaire organisé conjointement par l'Académie Wallonie-Europe (ULg) et l'Académie Louvain (UCL et FUNDP). Les cours ont lieu sur trois sites : Gembloux, Louvain-la-Neuve, Liège et Namur

Interuniversity Programme in Water Resources Engineering (IUPWARE)

The Interuniversity Master programme of Water Resources Engineering aims at increasing the number of professionals in the water sector, who are able to address adequately the global water concerns of today and tomorrow, and manage and safeguard the water needs and supply of future generations.


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